Badenslipper give-away
Badenslipper give-away

To celebrate the first sun of 2017, we give you a free pair slippers as a present with your online shoe order. We hope that 2017 will be even more spectacular for you. Have fun!

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(To be complete: to cheer up the world, we’ll send one pair of free slippers with an online order per delivery address, as long there is stock available. The slippers can’t be exchanged for a different size or color.)

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+ Can I return my slippers for a different size or colour?

+ Can I buy a pair of these slippers?

+ In case I return all items of my order, can I keep the free slippers anyway?

+ Which sizes are available for the slippers?

+ Which size will I get when I order two pairs of shoes?

+ How long is this offer valid?

+ Do I also get a free pair of slippers when I order a belt from the web shop?

+ Do I also get a free pair of slippers when I order a pair of women’s shoes from the web shop?

+ Is this special offer also valid in your brand stores?

+ How can I make sure that I will receive a free pair of slippers? My order confirmation doesn’t state that I will get a free pair.