FALL 2021

Floris x Robin


Floris teamed up with Football legend Robin van Persie for a Fall 2021 collab.
Robin's personal taste formed the basis for 3 models that are exclusively available in this webshop, at Robin van Persie's platform and at De Bijenkorf .

Custom-made for Robin van Persie:
A clean high-top sneaker made of
various white and off-white materials.
Dark blue details accentuate the white look
and give the shoe its very own character.


If Robin had called to ask me to weed between the flagstones on his terrace, I would’ve headed over without a hint of hesitation. I mean: it’s Robin van Persie! Luckily though, he was more interested in creating a small line of shoes together, which is even more fun of course. Robin visited us in Moergestel for an exhaustive brainstorming session that ultimately resulted in these 3 shoes.

‘Classics never go out of style’
Together with Robin,
we’ve given this timeless classic a stylish update.
This desert boot model, with its laid-back English outline,
got a sporty bottom.
The heel counter is finished in dark brown
nubuck leather with croco print.


It was a great and fun experience to work with Floris and his team to come up with this collection. The three models are a perfect reflection of what I personally like: casual with a sporty touch.

Style, colour, material,
all carefully chosen by Robin van Persie.

This sneaker was inspired by 80s
tennis shoes. The look is defined
by the tight lacing, the slim line of
grey nubuck leather around the sole, and the upwards-slanting
heel counter made of dark brown nubuck leather with croco print.

Robin van Persie

Collab collection